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Electronic Identification Tracking System

Don't stay blind... You can know where they are!

Track your UAVs in real time, on a private map with secure access

Our EITS sends information every 3 seconds: position, speed, altitude

42 grams and extremely low power requirement

Airspaces layers and dynamic 3D geofencing

Alerts in case of intrusion in non authorized airspaces

Alerts in case of exceeding customizable speed or altitudes limits

All flights with the whole track, precise times and altidude, are kept in a secure database and can be reviewed after the flight is completed

Find your UAV if it flies away!

Detect & Avoid

Secure and share airspaces!

Detect and avoid automatcially

100% reliability in flight

Patented by Air Space Drone

Weight: 80 grams

Low power requirement

Works totally independently

Who we are

Innovative Start-Up

Startup created in 2015

High-profile team with extensive experience in Aeronautics, Software, Finance and Mathematics

Several large companies already support ASD

Intellectual Property

100% Air Space Drone

Air Space Drone has issued several patents on the EITS and the Anti-Collision System

Air Space Drone owns all firmware and software code sources


We have applications for everyone!

Never loose your UAV again! our EITS allows you to find your UAV in case of fly away!

Manage your fleet efficently

Reduce your insurance premium

Check that the works have been done correctly

Set automatic alerts in case of incident

Control your legal environment

Keep all your information securely

Manage easily the maintenance of your UAVs


They believe in us!


Do you want to be part of our adventure?

Air Space Drone is launching its Series A fund raising

We are looking for value-added capital to finance our growth for the next 2 years

If you are interested please contact us at

Contact us

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Twitter : airspace_drone

Mailing address : Air Space Drone, Espace Entrepreneurial Charpak, Route de Mimet, 13000 Gardanne, France


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